The Loft
Cassie Shay

The Loft

Cassie Shay

The Loft is a female-only co-working space providing entrepreneurial women an inspiring place to pursue their dreams while building a supportive community.

As a new women-only co-working space concept, The Loft team was looking for a full style brand to be designed (logos, color palettes, the works) before opening their first location in the United States. This project was barely a project in the sense that I felt as though I was creating my own dream workspace area. The style and aesthetic of this brand really spoke to me on a personal level and I fell in love with the navy blue and mustard-yellow pairing combined with the thin serif font.

The final deliverables which you will see below will be referenced as a guiding star for additional co-working spaces in the future.

Branding Board
Imprint of logo
Building Logo SIgnage

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