The Platform
Kelli Tennant

The Platform

Kelli Tennant
Branding, Website Design

The goal of this project was to give this brand it’s own platform… no pun intended.

I’ve had the absolute privilege of working with Kelli Tennant on multiple projects, including her personal brand Kelli Tennant as well as Ceremony Wellness (both highlighted in my portfolio). Kelli is both the founder and mastermind behind The Platform.

I partnered with Kelli on The Platform’s brand, website design, podcast assets, and event collateral. This brand has since evolved in another direction to what is now Ceremony Wellness. I’m so delighted that I have been able to work with Kelli from the beginning.

Full Branding Board
Podcast Cover Art
Business Cards
Mug with logo

Below are some print collateral I created for The Platform events:

Promo cards to promote The Journey Within: Healing course along with featured podcast episodes
Promo Cards (front)
Promo Cards (back)
"if it's here, it's good for you" custom-printed goodie bags

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